Scam the Scammers

Let’s scam the scammers, the same scammers that have scammed people out of over nine billion dollars in the last year?  This is how we are going to scam the scammers.  We have several email addresses that we are now replying to scams with.  We are going to play along with their scams and see how long we can keep them going.  If you would like to assist us, do the same and send us all their and your replies in the comment section so we can post them for everyone to read.  We did this a few years ago and we really had some hilarious reading.  I remember a friend of mine that had someone trying to pull an overpayment scam on him for a vacation rental.  He kept giving the scammer reasons why he couldn’t rent out his rental after he received the cashiers check (it was fake check) for the rent.  The scammer went to extreme lengths to try and convince him that his client didn’t mind that they would have to use a bucket on the porch as a toilet for their week stay since the water was shut off due to repairs.  There were probably ten email exchanges before the scammer gave up, but it was funny.  Think you can come up with funnier email exchanges?  Give it a try.

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