Is RadioRNR aka Rawk Media Network A Scam?

Is RadioRNR also known as Rawk Media Network a scam?  Well there have been several reports that it is a scam.  Conflict in The Sky has a great blog post about it here.  But the alleged scam targets recording artists by offering to add their songs to a compilation CD.  But requires a $295 fee.  Several musicians have paid the fee and never had their music released on a compilation CD to date.  The solicitation is done via email and can be very convincing.  Be careful if doing business with RadioRNR.

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    1. Anyone can say anything about anyone on the net and I have NOT had the same experience. Our band signed up for their Compilation series and got what we paid for and more. Their staff helped us to land opening slots for a national touring act in 4 cities. Amazing. Well worth the 295.00 service fee to be on their Compilation series, which by the way is perfectly normal to charge for. We were a little reluctant at first until we contacted ASCAP and they told us it was normal for a service fee and not the mark of a scam and that most companies they see charge much higher than 295.00. Those guys in Conflict in the Sky admitting to not having the mastered version of their song ready. If you don’t have that, then they can’t use your song and you automatically forfeit your spot as they spell it out in their agreement. We were able to slide by with an extended deadline because their staff was understanding when we blew the deadline because we couldnt book the studio time, in time due to money issues. They were really cool about it and waited for the track. W

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