Hazel Peppergood Scam

Here is a report about a Hazel Peppergood scam reported to use from a consumer.  This is what the consumer had to say:

paid Hazel Peppergood $59.95 for her report on envelope stuffing programs, she sent me her report and included 3 mailing programs that she recommended.  I sent $79.00 to her top pick-Worldwide Publications.  When I received from Worldwide Publications it said I had to pay for the names on labels, envelopes and the 2 page circulars, which was very expensive.  I then emailed Hazel Peppergood that I was mislead and I couldn’t afford that. She emailed me back saying go ahead and said alot of other people were very happy with it.  She also said something I was under contract.  The next day I got on my email and noticed that every email that I had sent and every email that she had sent to me were gone.  Hazel Peppergood had hacked into my email and deleted them all.  Isn’t this illegal!

Thank You,

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