Get 12 cents off* every gallon at 11,000+ Exxon and Mobil stations – ExxonMobil Smart Card

X-MSFBL: NWM3YzA2NGQ6OGVjOTZmYWI5ODc1YmE2MDA4M2NkM2FjZGIyZWJlYmU1YTVjMjhhNQ == CONTENT-LENGTH: 29741 X-ANTIVIRUS: Avast (VPS 190303-2, 03/03/2019), Inbound message X-ANTIVIRUS-STATUS: Clean The Exxon Mobil Smart Card | Save on Fuel! Limited time offer! Apply by 4/30/19. Get the ExxonMobil Smart Card and you may never pay full price for gas again. PLUS, ENJOY EVEN MORE PERKS:Ongoing Savings Theres no…

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