419 Advanced Fee Fraud Stole over 9 Billion Dollars in 2009

A reports that shows 419 theft statistics for 2009 shows that the 419 Advanced Fee Fraud resulted in losses of over 9 Billion Dollars in 2009 alone.  Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations put together the report and they say that the number is double what is was the previous year.  So what is fueling the increase?  Well it is being fueled by all the new email users from around the world that are new to the internet, like in countries like China.  You can read the entire 225 page report here.

One thought on “419 Advanced Fee Fraud Stole over 9 Billion Dollars in 2009

  1. I was a victim of the advance fee scam.I should of known better.
    I think my problem was I was so desperate.I had gotten laid off
    and was about lose everything.These scam artists are very good at what they do…I also blame myself for not doing the proper research.They scammed me out of $500.00.I feel luckly compared to other people I read about.These scam artist had taken thousands from other victims.I also decided to write a blog
    detailing my experiences so others would not fall victim.

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