Month: February 2011

**Congratulation, You have been Selected to be Part of Our Cabin Crew Team** Email Scam

Watchout for the **Congratulation, You have been Selected to be Part of Our Cabin Crew Team** email scam, it is from, here is a copy of the scam:

Hello Maria,

Your email was received with your Resume and details and was forwarded to our HR department. We consider you Competent enough. We are seeking 30 Applicants, consider yourself Lucky to be Picked. We hope you do have a Passport and you are willing to abide by the condition guiding the job as posted.

American Jet International is a private Jet Aircraft that has its branches scattered worldwide and its headquarters in Texas. The company has experienced exceptional growth since its inception and Have 6 more other Airlines as a family, to today where we have a complement of various aircraft. Currently operating to more than 37 global destinations, the route map is set for further expansion.

At American Jet International, we seek to reflect the best of hospitality-cultured, considerate, warm, and generous. Our goal is to be a truly 21st century global Aircraft challenging and changing the established conventions of Private Jet Aircraft hospitality for our Passengers comfort. Setting out to be a creative and innovative Aircraft designed to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world, at American Jet International our whole philosophy is built around the needs of our guests.

Our Cabin Crew are American Jet International’s Prime Ambassadors. Therefore, they need to display a high degree of motivation, enthusiasm, and commitment in everything they do. Our mission is to meet and exceed our guests expectations while offering a unique taste of our hospitality.

Find below the Tasks typically involved:

• Attending a Pre-flight briefing, during which air cabin crew members are assigned their working positions for the
upcoming flight (crew are also informed of flight details, the schedule and if there are passengers with any special
requirements, such as diabetic passengers, passengers in wheelchairs or the number of infants on board);

• Carrying out Pre-flight duties, including checking the safety equipment, ensuring the Aircraft is clean and tidy,
ensuring that information in the seat pockets is up to date and that all meals and stock are on board;

• Welcoming passengers on board and directing them to their seats;

• Informing the passengers of the aircraft safety procedures and ensuring that all hand luggage is securely stored

• Checking all passenger seat belts and galleys are secure prior to take-off;

• Making announcements on behalf of the pilot and answering passenger questions during the flight;

• Serving meals and refreshments to passengers;

• Reassuring passengers and ensuring that they follow safety procedures correctly in emergency situations;

• Giving first aid to passengers where necessary;

• Ensuring passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and checking that there is no luggage left in the
overhead lockers;

• Completing paperwork, including writing a flight report.

Your Weekly Salary is 900 pounds per week with other incentives such as:

-Company provided free fully furnished shared accommodation.
-Annual 3% performance based salary increment and bonus scheme.
-30 Calendar Days leave per Annum.
-Free annual leave ticket to country of origin.

We would be needing your services as soon as possible. Do email us a copy of your scanned passport and we would recommend you to the travel agency that would help you process your working visa. The Travel agency helps our employee living abroad secure a working visa to work here and they would help you too.

Note:The Processing Fees would be shouldered by the company and by you too. (YOU WOULD BE PAYING HALF OF THE PROCESSING FEES AND WE PAY THE OTHER HALF). This is in accordance with the Company’s policy. We have experienced situations in the past where we pay for an employee and they end up not showing up.

If we do not hear from you soon we would be left with no choice but to consider other applicants for the Position and terminate your application. Do let me know if you have any question.


Josh Green,
Recruiter (American Jet International, London Branch)