Month: September 2010

Identity Theft is Easy as Stealing From a Baby

When it comes to identity theft there is a good portion of the population that aren’t worried about it because they already have bad credit.  But the tragedy isn’t that their identity is stolen but its their baby’s or child’s identity that is stolen.  And this theft goes undetected not only months or years but for decades.  It isn’t until they are grown that they even start worrying about their credit score, like when they are applying for a college loan or applying for a job that it even comes into play.  By then the identity thief has been long gone for years.  Now it will take months, maybe even years to repair the damage.   It is bad enough that your credit may be ruined but to let your child’s credit rating get ruined probably wouldn’t qualify you for parent of the year.  So what should I do?  Here is a quick checklist of what you can do:

  • How can I prevent becoming a victim? By monitoring your credit with Trusted ID Total ID Protection and Credit Monitoring. (  More Info )
  • What do you do if it has already happened? Well, you call Lexington Law at 877-273-3192 they can help you repair yours or your children’s credit report.

We wouldn’t wish identity theft on anyone and feel it should be punished to the highest extent of the law.  Don’t be the next one of the hundreds of people who email us complaints every day.